Spysecret Nanny Cam Full HD

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    The New Powerful Security Gadget!

    The Spysecret Nanny Cam Full HD is like something out of a movie. This spy camera can be disguised as a pen that can sit in your shirt or jacket pocket, house and office to capture a perfect view of everything you see without anyone knowing you're making a recording.

    Ultra HD Recording Quality

    The lapel camera has a high-resolution sensor that can make discreet recordings in 1080p at 30 frames per second so that you can capture every detail. It can be helpful in meetings, interviews, or office and home security.

    Audio & Video Capability

    Video and audio recordings get stored on a micro SD card, and with support for 128GB cards, you can save over 20hrs on such a card in this mini camera. This HD Video Recorder has extraordinary capabilities. It allows you to record both photos and video in HD quality. This is the recording device that you want to have by your side that'll keep track of any live events!

    Pocket Compact & Discreet Design

    With a single button for on/off and start/stop recordings, this hidden body is quick and easy to use. You can wear the Spysecret Nanny Cam Full HD on your clothes or keep the mini camera in your pocket, on your desk, wear around your neck with lanyard for travel (lanyard is included in the box) or practically anywhere discreetly.

    Multi-Function Micro-Camera

    The Spysecret Nanny Cam Full HD can be used almost anywhere, whether at home recording your daily life, extreme sports, monitoring your children at home or as a surveillance in the warehouse, in the corner of the backyard or the store, or even as a car camera or an aerial camera.

    Record While Charging

    The camera can be charged and recorded 24/7. And a powerful 850mAh battery lets you record footage for up to 240 minutes in a row, enough to get through multiple shifts without needing to worry about battery life. After the recording is completed, connect to the computer to upload or watch the video.

    What Makes The Spysecret Nanny Cam Full HD A Great Security Protection:

    Wearable pocket clip imitates a pen and conceals a covert DVR spy camera

    Clip to your pocket, backpack, purse and more to record 1080p HD quality videos

    Camera starts recording with a touch of a button to included 32GB MicroSD card

    SD card can hold 7 hours of video and the built-in battery lasts 1 hour on a full charge

    Includes an RCA/USB cable for connecting to a TV, monitor or computer for playback

    App includes an optional audio recording setting (before you enable it, check your state and local recording laws)

    Kelly Harrison on how Spysecret Nanny Cam Full HD helped and solved her problem.

    “I have used this Spysecret Nanny Cam Full HD a couple of times it records 1080p so it's a good quality. Even though at night it's not the best like other camera but it does its purpose. It really helped me bigtime on proving my suspicion about my husband and yes I was right about him having an affair. I immediately divorce him and after a long process I finally I got my alimony payment last week. Its size is perfect to keep it hidden anywhere you want. So I recommend it to anyone that need the same help as mine.” - Kelly Harrison

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