Smart Deodorizer

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    Can't seem to remove foul odor in your fridge even after trying baking soda? Smart Deodorizer is what you need! Using negative ion purification, it magically removes all foul odor in your fridge in just a few hours.

    Unlike baking soda or other fridge deodorizer that requires a change in filter, Sopvia Smart Deodorizer is battery operated and can be used as long as it is charged. Trust me, charging is more convenient and more cost efficient than either buying baking soda or changing filters.

    The Best Way To Remove Foul Odor In Your Fridge

    Eliminates foul odor faster & more effectively than baking soda

    Sterilises & preserves your food to last longer

    Battery-operated that lasts 35 days in one charge

    Slim & sleek design to fit easily into any fridge

    Save time & money on baking soda & other deodorizers using filters

    Removes Foul Odor In 30 Minutes

    Using negative ion purification, Sopvia Smart Deodorizer can remove foul odor in just 30 minutes!

    Baking soda takes a longer time and sometimes, it doesn't work at all. If you tried baking soda but still have foul odor in your fridge, Sopvia Smart Deodorizer is what you need.

    Plus, unlike baking soda where you have to replace frequently, Sopvia Smart Deodorizer can be used as long as you charge it. One charge can last for 35 days!

    The Most Convenient & Cost Effective Deodorizer

    Unlike other deodorizers that need to be replaced regularly or change the filters every few months, Sopvia Smart Deodorizer just needs to be charged.

    This means you save the inconvenience, time & money on having to replace the deodorizer in your fridge. Buy once & use it forever!

    Your Food In Fridge Lasts Longer Too

    Besides removing foul odor, the Sopvia Smart Deodorizer also keeps food and vegetable fresh for longer. It does so by generating a large amount of active oxygen in a confined space. This purifies the air in the fridge and extends the shelf life of your food.

    Rated voltage: 5V/1A
    Charging Time: 1.5h
    Battery Capacity: Rechargeable 800mAh
    Net Weight: 110g

    Normal mode: 1 charge last for 35 days
    Strong mode: 1 charge last for 12 hours

    Our 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

    Try the Sopvia Smart Deodorizer without any worries with our 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t love it, send it back and you’ll receive a full refund even before you return it to us.