FlexLatch™ Cat Door Holder

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    *For larger cats order the XL, which is 1.5" longer than our original*

    20% Off When You Buy 2 Or More & Free Shipping On All US Orders

    We make it fast and easy to dog proof any room! FlexLatch allows cats room access by holding the door open 4" which is just enough for most cats to slip in and out.

    Our patent pending one-piece nylon design is reinforced with a stainless-steel support which provides tremendous rigidity and durability.

    With FlexLatch, there is no measuring, no adjusting, no tools or double-sided tape. Simply hang it from your doorknob and it's ready to go! The very simple flex action makes it so easy to latch or release the door from either side with just one hand.

    Say Goodbye

    No more snack buffets and invasions! Give your cat the privacy it wants and needs! Don't let your puppy pester!