Flapping Duck Electric Interactive Self-Play Cat Toy with Catnip

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    This Electric Flapping Duck Toy Cat Kicker Toy is the best interactive and self-play cat toy for cats and kittens. The interactive bouncing plush duck toy is the best cat toy and responds to touch and starts and stops based on your cat's interaction. Perfect Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year gift for cats and kittens. Only available at Lil Wild Pets.


    • Every time your feline touches this interactive, battery-powered cat kicker toy, the automatic built-in motion sensor kicks into action and the cat teaser duck toy flaps and flutters like a real duck, intriguing your cat to kick and play. 
    • A Duck That Quacks: Make play fantastic with the fluffy duck, which makes lifelike quack sounds once playtime begins, beckoning every bat, bite, chew, and chase!
    • A Catnip Pouch is included in the package, most cats can get excited and happy at the smell of catnip, and is effectively conducive to getting lounging cats up and moving
    • Simply charge the battery pack, insert it into the duck's belly, turn it on, and tap the belly to begin the fun.
    • Charges in about an hour and a half and can keep your cat entertained for nearly an hour on a single charge.
    • You can hide catnip inside the duck's belly to entice your cat and start playtime.
    • Hand-wash and machine-wash the duck after removing the battery.

    Intended For: Cats
    Includes: The plush duck body, a rechargeable battery pack, a USB charging cable, and a tube of catnip are all included.
    Activity: Hunt & Stalk, Swat & Pounce
    Color: Yellow
    Dimensions: 4.5"