CoreUP FullAbs Microcurrent ToningBelt

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    Jordan Cliford shared his experience using the CoreUP FullAbs Microcurrent ToningBelt!

    "What an incredible product this is. I just used it as directed while doing my homework, running errands, or watching TV. My digestive system functions more quickly as a result, and I've been losing weight. For those who are busy, I highly suggest this gadget!”


    With electrical pads and various programs, the CoreUP FullAbs Microcurrent ToningBelt may tighten the waist, stimulate muscles, reduce fat, lift skin, and shape the body. Miscrocurrent wave technology uses vibrations to exercise your muscles and assist you in achieving your ideal body composition.

    The collection of powerful bands of muscles that line the inside of your belly are called your abdominal muscles (trunk of your body). Between your ribs and pelvis, they are situated at the front of your body. The abdomen is made up of five primary muscles:

    • External obliques.
    • Internal obliques.
    • Pyramidalis.
    • Rectus abdominis.
    • Transversus abdominis.

    Turn your fat stomach into abdominal muscles

    By providing microcurrent pulses to the muscle that needs therapy, EMS treatment (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) causes the muscle to passively exercise. It is possible to interact with muscle motor neurons directly because of the square wave pattern. Micro current training is up to 15 times more effective than conventional fitness or gym training, according to research. The findings also demonstrate that three sets of 90-minute conventional weight training can be compared to 20 minutes of EMS training.

    How does CoreUP FullAbs Microcurrent ToningBelt works?

    Your waist size will be reduced by this CoreUP FullAbs Microcurrent ToningBelt. It produces consistent, moderate electrical pulses that constrict or relax the abdominal muscles and side waist fat, delivering results that can be relied upon. Its efficient current signal encourages muscular contractions, which efficiently increases your metabolism and prevents the accumulation of fat. Wear it and take pleasure in the effects, which include stronger, more toned muscles without the need for time-consuming daily exercise, tighter skin, and beneficial core strengthening.


    Contract Abdominal Muscles

    Microcurrent waves are used in the CoreUP FullAbs Microcurrent ToningBelt's fat-loss process to liquefy fat in the target area prior to removal. This is carried out under the control of ultrasonic vibrations, which break apart and liquefy fat cells as they are targeted.


    Prevent Fat Accumulation

    The temperature of the liquid rises as a result of microcurrent vibrations, acting only on the fat cells and bubbles. Then the bubbles burst, sending a shockwave across the air. The cells in the liquid may sustain harm from this shockwave.

    According to certain research, acupressure boosts the production of endorphins and has anti-inflammatory properties, which may help with some lymphatic system issues. Numerous studies indicate that using it may help with tiredness and mood. Additionally, studies have demonstrated that microcurrent can target the abdomen with particularity (a common problem area for most people).

    What makes CoreUP FullAbs Microcurrent ToningBelt special?

    • Strengthen your abs
    • Muscle contractions and direct stimulation
    • Tightening the skin by strengthening the muscles
    • Improve your physique
    • Alleviating back, waist, and shoulder tension symptoms
    • Reducing and burning fat

    Here are some of our happy customers

    “My stomach has grown significantly over the past two years, much to my distress. Even though I was exercising, my stomach still need some additional care. I feel really bloated, which is not good.”

    “I bought the CoreUP FullAbs Microcurrent ToningBelt, and after wearing it for a few months, I certainly saw a change! Consistency is the secret. There are moments when all I want to do is relax, but I know that if I do nothing, my stomach won't become any smaller. I may use the abs stimulator while doing housework or watching television. I'm leaving in a few of days and won't be back for about a month. I'm happy the abdominal stimulator is portable so I can keep up my routine.”

    How to use

    Always cleanse the region of your body where the adhesive gel pads will be applied.

    Gripping the pads, remove them from the vinyl cover.

    Place the other sticky gel pad on the relevant body area.

    Switch on and adjust the mode

    Product Specification

    Mode: 6 modes to choose from
    Gear position: 9 gear adjustment
    Power supply: AAA Battery