ClearDerm Skin Tag Removal Patch

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    Take it from our happy customers who achieved spot-free skin with the ClearDerm Skin Tag Removal Patch!

    These actually work! A skin tag on my chest kept getting caught on my shirt, and it bothers me a lot. It took about two weeks of putting this ClearDerm Patch on every day before it fell off, it really did! No scars, no pain, unlike other skin spot removers! Wow! I would buy these again!”

    - Alexa Johnson, 36, Irving, Texas

    Works great for the removal of skin spots, flat bumps, and moles. I had several flat bumps on my face and body that are now gone in just 3 weeks! It beats paying $300-$400 for the Dermatologist! I am very pleased.”

    Kelly Campbell, 42, Eugene, Oregon

    What are skin tags?

    Skin tags are harmless and often removed for cosmetic reasons. Skin tags are benign, noncancerous, tumors of the skin. They consist of a core of fibers and ducts, nerve cells, fat cells, and a covering or epidermis.

    They may appear on the:

    • Eyelids
    • Armpits
    • Under the breasts
    • Groin
    • Upper chest
    • Neck

    They often go unnoticed, unless they are in a prominent place or are repeatedly rubbed or scratched, for example, by clothing, jewelry, or when shaving. Some people may have skin tags and never notice them. In some cases, they rub off or fall off painlessly. Very large skin tags may burst under pressure. The surface of skin tags may be smooth or irregular in appearance. They are often raised from the surface of the skin on fleshy peduncles, or stalks. They are usually flesh-colored or slightly brownish.

    How does a ClearDerm Skin Tag Removal Patch work?

    ClearDerm Skin Tag Removal Patch applies a Hydrocolloid formula and deeply penetrates mole or skin tags. The patch works by shrinking and drying the tags until they fall off naturally. It produces healthy, flawless skin after extracting excess pus and impurities from the root.

    Smoothens and Repairs Skin

    The patches have healing properties that accelerate the healing process and minimize scarring so you can be confident in looking your best. Let the formula get to work dissolving your unwanted skin tags, moles, and warts while leaving the surrounding area unaffected.

    Consists of 2 Key Ingredients that are reputable in removing skin tags:

    1. Thuja Orientalis

    2. Tocopheryl Acetate

    Thuja Orientalis is sometimes applied directly to the skin for joint pain, osteoarthritis, and muscle pain. Thuja oil is also used for skin diseases, warts, and cancer; and as an insect repellent. In foods and beverages, thuja is used as a flavoring agent.


    Tocopheryl Acetate is often included in a variety of skincare products. The antioxidant properties of vitamin E which is contained in tocopheryl acetate can help to prevent damage to the skin caused by free radicals from UV exposure. Vitamin E also has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. Due to its higher stability, tocopheryl acetate is also used in vitamin E dietary supplements.

    What makes ClearDerm Skin Tag Removal Patch your great choice?

    • Completely extracts skin tags or moles anywhere on your body.
    • Prevents scars or secondary infection.
    • No Pain and 4X Fast-Healing.
    • Removes all your moles or skin tags in the comfort of your home.
    • Anti-Inflammatory Healing Effect.
    • Natural wound treatment. Smoothens and repairs skin.
    • Gentle for all skin types and can be used on the face and body.

    Let’s take a look at Kevin’s 7-day skin-clearing journey with ClearDerm Skin Tag Removal Patch!

    “I have these very irritating tags on my upper body, I have used a lot of ointment and cream but nothing is working until I discover this ClearDerm Skin Tag Removal Patch!”

    This product worked in just 2 days. This product worked better than I had ever expected! I still have too many remaining on my skin so I'll need more time to see.”

    “It’s my 5th day and my skin tags are almost gone. It is painless and not leaving any scars. Very skin friendly. I love this product so much. Will still continue to use this since there are still remaining unwanted spots in my body”

    “7th day and my skin problems have been solved. Very impressed with the results! This made me get rid of the skin problem that made me insecure about my body. If you have pesky, unwanted tags, and moles in your body, you should try this!” – Kevin Henry, 34, Columbus, Ohio

    This Patch saves you tons of money!

    ClearDerm Skin Tag Removal Patch's all-natural ingredients are carefully made to make a huge impact not only on your skin but also on your pocket since it saves you tons of money in the long run.

    Originally only available in Clinics

    Several ladies here at the office have already used this and have seen improvement already. This alternative can save over $2,500 per year from expensive clinic visits.

    • Avoid Expensive Sessions
    • Avoid time-consuming Appointments
    • Use in the Comfort of your own home
    • Powerful-Strength
    • ​Travel-friendly

    How to Use

    1. Clean the desired skin area.
    2. Apply the patch to the mole or skin tag and press down firmly at the edges.
    3. Remove the patch after an hour.

    Package Includes

    • ClearDerm Skin Tag Removal Patch