Purrin' Catâ„¢ Tunnel

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    Cats Love To Hide😻

    Being natural predators, cats love to hide in tunnels. The Purrin' Cat™ Tunnel is designed to appeal to a cat's natural predatory instinct and promote exercise and play-time!

    Turn it into a bed!😴

    The Purrin' Cat™ Tunnel can be made into a bed that we know your cat will love! Cats love feeling safe inside of boxes and baskets which is why we have designed The Purrin' Cat™ Tunnel to be a 2-in-1 tunnel/bed perfect for playing and sleeping!


    Made from vegan felt😸

    Part of the reason our tunnel is so loved by cats is because of the material we use. Traditional tunnels are made from plastic and although cats can enjoy plastic tunnels they much prefer the felt and they simply can't resist getting their paws on it.

    Made with holes to play hide-and-seek🙀

    It's no secret that cats love hide-and-seek and peek-a-boo which is why we have made the tunnel with holes. This key part of our design is how we know your cat will love Purrin' Cat™ Tunnel. Just button up the tunnel and watch your cat your cat fall in love with playing peek-a-boo.

    Relieve Stress and Anxiety😸

    Cats have evolved to be active, hunt and climb. By gifting your cat a Purrin' Cat™ Tunnel you'll be adding excitement to their life, helping them stimulate their natural curiosity and predatory instinct but most importantly, you'll be spoiling them! You can buy as many tunnels as you like to create the ultimate cat obstacle course. It's also possible to buy two separate tunnels and join more than two pieces together to make a bigger wider tunnel!

    30-Day Money Back Guarantee🔒

    Contact us if you aren't 100% satisfied and we will give you your money back no questions asked.